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RESIN BOND : Dry / Wet Grinding
Resin Bonds wheels are widely used in the engineering and cutting tool industry. It is characterized by cool and fast cutting with high material removal rate & minimum heat generation. This can be used with or without coolant. Suitable for grinding carbide & carbide – steel combination.
METAL BOND : Wet Grinding
This is the most robust and wear resistance Bond. This bond is very effective in achieving predictable, economical removal of non-ferrous materials, exhibit toughness, high abrasion resistance, excellent form retention, excellent uninterrupted grinding characteristics and long life. Coolant must be used to dissipate heat and to avoid loading. Suitable for grinding Carbides, Glass, Ceramics, Ferrites and other hard abrasive materials.
Grit size of the abrasive has a significant influence on the performance of the wheel with respect to the material removal rate and surface finish, Diamond & CBN abrasives are available from rough to very fine. FEPA 46,54,64,76,91,107,126,157,181,213,251,301,356,426.
Concentration refers to the quantity of diamond grit in the bonded section of the wheel. Standard concentrations : 25,50,75,100 & 125.
Although,both diamond and CBN wheels may be used dry-faster cutting action, improved finish and extended tool life will generally result when a generous flow of coolant is provided. For diamond wheel the coolant may be plain water, but use of chemical base coolant concentrate or soluble oil additive is recommended to inhibit rusting of machine parts. For CBN wheels, it should be used with pure oil or emulsion containing oil.
While ordering, please specify the following details :
Type and Shape of the Wheel
Complete dimensions of Diameter, Grinding Width, Depth of impregnation & Bore
Grit Size
Wet / Dry Grinding
NOTE : Please send a drawing in case of any special shape or profile.